The kingdom is coordinator and host of the CODEX committee

The presidency, secretariat and members of the Codex Alimentarius Commission supported the appointment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, represented by the Food and Drug General Authority, as a coordinator and host for the Coordinating Committee of the Near East Countries of the Codex Alimentarius Commission.

This came within the meetings of the Main Committee of the Codex Alimentarius Commission that concluded yesterday, as the Kingdom’s appointment comes due to the role of the Food and Drug Authority in the permanent contribution of policies and procedures related to the promotion of general principles of food safety and their impact on the countries of the region, and participation in the preparation of the specifications of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, as it chairs and participates The Kingdom is involved in a number of international electronic working groups related to preparing standards at the international level.

International specifications

The Food and Drug Authority seeks to expand the impact of food safety to more than a billion people around the world, and it will also work with member states in the Near East Region, which includes 17 countries, to increase the effectiveness of the region’s influence in the field of setting international standards, and achieving the requirements of products manufactured in countries The region will support its access to global markets and facilitate international trade. It will also work to develop international regulations, standards and specifications that help raise the nutritional value of food products in a way that promotes public health.

Pilot experiences

It will coordinate with member states to benefit from the Kingdom’s pioneering experiences in the field of food safety by strengthening regional communication and setting the region’s requirements in the specifications of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, in addition to joint work on building the capacities of the members of the Committee in the field of risk assessment and strengthening the capacities of focal points and National Codex committees.

What is CODEX

It was founded in 1963 by the world food and health organizations

It has 189 members

237 observers

It meets annually

Specifications are approved to ensure food safety and quality


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