The Kingdom (5) in the world in mobile Internet speed

The World Telecommunication and Information Society Day witnessed the emergence of many of the achievements made by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the communications and information technology indicators, which made a remarkable and clear development in five different indicators, namely: “Global Speed ​​Test Index, e-Government Evolution Index, Network Readiness Index, and the Assessment Index The Global G5 Experience, and the Digital Competitiveness Index. ” The Kingdom has ranked fifth in the world out of 140 countries in the Mobile Internet Bandwidth Index, and has advanced 7 ranks for the current year 2021 compared to its performance for the past year 2020.

The Kingdom has also made remarkable progress over the past years in the e-government development index, to climb nine ranks in 2020 from its ranking in 2018, and to reach the 43rd place globally out of 193 countries, according to the report issued by the United Nations on monitoring and evaluating government actions.

The National Center for Measuring the Performance of Public Agencies “Adaa” indicated that the communications infrastructure index is one of the most important indicators emanating from the e-government development index, as the Kingdom jumped 40 places to be ranked 27th in the world out of 193 countries. On the other hand, the Kingdom’s ranking in the Networked Readiness Index, which assesses countries’ economies to benefit from information and communication technology, has risen four places for the year 2020.

According to the results of analyzing the measurements of the fifth generation networks (G5) and their speed in the world, according to the report issued by Open signal 2021, the city of Riyadh ranked third in the world, and the Kingdom ranked sixth in the world among the countries that have the fastest data download speeds in the fifth generation networks.

With regard to the Global Digital Competitiveness Index for 2020, the Kingdom advanced five places to reach 34th out of 63 countries, as this indicator is important for exploring digital technologies as a major driver of economic transformation in business, government and society. These results achieved by the Kingdom are due to the clear impact of Vision 2030, which was reflected positively on international indicators in various fields, as the Adaa Center works to monitor and follow up these indicators, which contribute to enabling decision-makers to develop the performance of public agencies and the ability to compete. Globalism.

The “Adaa” Center is keen on continuous cooperation with all government agencies, and providing them with the necessary support in analyzing the performance of indicators. To ensure the Kingdom’s continued progress in its international indicators.

The Adaa Center created an electronic platform for international performance that enables public agencies to monitor the Kingdom’s performance and compare it to more than 217 countries. The platform gives a comprehensive view of more than 700 global measurement indicators through 12 measurement axes, which represent a reference for international classifications and highlight the comparisons of countries ’performance in All areas are monitored periodically.

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