The killer in the Al-Qunfudah case confesses to the prosecution of the hideous details of the crime

An official source in the Public Prosecution stated that the person accused of the crime of murder that took place in Al-Qunfudhah Governorate on Wednesday 10/4/1442 AH, and the victim was a man and three women, admitted to the Public Prosecution investigators that he had committed the murders in the case, and approved his admission, and the source added that the interrogation sessions The details of the incident and the motives behind the commission of the crime were revealed by the Public Prosecution investigators, as the perpetrator acknowledged the existence of family disputes about two months ago between him and the victims.

Regarding the details of the incident, the source mentioned that the killer came to the house of the family, which he has a marriage relationship with them carrying a firearm, a “machine gun”, and shot those inside the house, and this resulted in the killing of the perpetrator’s sister, 40 and 42 years old, and the owner of the house 58 years old, in view of The daughter of one of the victims, 10 years old, escaped from the crime scene and escaped.

And before the perpetrator came to the family home, he had gone to a school in Ahad Bani Zaid district, where the brother of the owner of the house is a security employee, and he is 53 years old, and upon his meeting the perpetrator fired 25 bullets, and the perpetrator admitted in the details of the interrogation in the Public Prosecution that the victim tried He barricaded himself inside a room, but the perpetrator entered the barrel of a weapon from the bottom of the door and continued shooting until he was killed.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office had issued its order at the time, to dissect the bodies, seize the seized devices, lift the relics and envelopes of empty bullets from the crime scenes, to prepare the necessary expertise reports, in preparation for demanding the heaviest punishments for the perpetrator for his heinous crime.


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