The Jurassic Park saga: 30 years and all its teeth

NARRATIVE – In 30 years, from Spielberg to Trevorrow, six films have featured the missing monsters. A look back at an incredible cinematic phenomenon.

Jurassic Park? It’s Albert Einstein at Walt Disney! Steven Spielberg has always had a sense of shock formulas. As lucid as he is talented, the director of Schindler’s List also was not afraid to announce: “From the day I finished the film, I knew it would be a triumph.” Megalo? No, realistic.

His film (and the nearly 30-year-old saga that has grown out of it) resembles the prehistoric monsters he portrayed. A little calculation is in order. In 1993, Jurassic Park cost $70 million. Since then, its exploitation throughout the world has brought in more than 1 billion in revenue, fifteen times more! How do we get there?

resuscitate the dinosaurs

The first earthquake dates from 1990. A certain Michael Crichton (author of the series Emergency room) and his agents circulate his book Jurassic Park in the studios. Hollywood moguls are tearing their hair out. The novel contains “one” idea: that of resuscitating the dinosaurs. Warner Bros. considering acquiring the rights to the book and thinking of Tim…

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