The Iraqi Minister of Culture discusses preparations for the Marbad Festival

Today, Wednesday, the Iraqi Minister of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities, Dr. Hassan Nazim, met in his official office at the ministry’s headquarters a delegation from the Basra Writers Union headed by Dr. Salman Al-Qased, and representatives of the Union of Writers in Iraq.

The meeting discussed ways to ensure the success of the “Al-Mirbad” festival in its thirty-fourth session, “The Poet Ibrahim Al-Khayyat” session, which will be held for the period from the fourth of next November until the seventh of it.

He called for the festival to be a qualitative leap in the history of festivals, different from previous festivals, and to reflect the cultural facade of the country, and not be limited to poetic readings.

It was agreed that the critical topics that critics and academics will participate in the festival will be on “Poetry Isolation in the Corona Pandemic”, “Ibrahim Al-Khayat as a Poet and Intellectual”, “Poetry as a Knowledge Product”, and “Poetry and Reception in Communication Sites”, and it will also include The festival is artistic, musical, plastic and cinematic activities.

The Minister directed that the House of General Cultural Affairs issue a book that includes the most important events and studies that the festival is witnessing, and the meeting agreed to hold more meetings in order to find the best ways to produce a distinctive version of the festival.

Dr. Salman Al-Qased, head of the Basra Writers Union, expressed his appreciation for the support of the Ministry of Culture to hold the festival in its current session despite the difficult circumstances, pointing to the formation of committees to support and finance the festival.


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