The “Industry” carried out 246 inspection rounds and monitored 111 violations during August

The Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources, represented by the Mining Supervision Agency, carried out 246 field visits during the month of August to the sites of mining activities in various regions of the Kingdom. irregular practices, and ensuring its sustainability.

The ministry explained that the violations observed varied between the exploitation of ordinary sand, with a total of (49) violations, and the exploitation of crushing materials (gravel) with (42) violations, while about (8) violations were detected for the exploitation of silica sand ore, and (7) violations for the exploitation of backfill materials, and (4) violations in the exploitation of limestone ore and pozzolan ore, and one violation in the exploitation of feldspar ore.

And she indicated that according to the executive regulations of the mining investment system, the amount of penalties is based on the size and type of the violation committed and its recurrence, in addition to the damage to health, safety and environment by violators, as well as according to the quantities exploited, the area of ​​the violation site and the type of ore exploited, stressing that all the observed violations were for violators. They work without a regular license.

The Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources confirmed that it seeks, through these tours, to ensure follow-up of mining activities and to ensure the protection of the sector from irregular practices, and to preserve mineral resources to achieve optimal exploitation of them, and to protect neighboring communities, in addition to implementing the mining investment system regulation in order to achieve the sustainability of the sector.

The figures showed that the Riyadh region recorded the largest proportion of the total violations observed with 57 violations, followed by the Makkah Al-Mukarramah region with 51 violations, then the Eastern Province with 37 violations, and the rest of the violations were distributed to a number of regions of the Kingdom.

It is noteworthy that the new mining investment system, which entered into force at the beginning of this year, aims to protect the sector and achieve its main objectives of contributing to diversifying sources of national income, developing non-oil revenues, in addition to maximizing the value achieved from the Kingdom’s natural mineral resources, through optimal exploitation of the wealth. Minerals in order to achieve the attractiveness of the sector for investment, and transform it to be the third pillar of the industry.

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