The Industrial Design students excelled in 3 pioneering designs

In light of the Kingdom’s vision towards the development of technical industries, many young Saudi women who specialize in the Industrial Design Department at Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University have undertaken a number of pioneering projects in the field of refrigeration for both workers and engineers with the aim of raising the efficiency of work in a more professional and safe environment.

Saudi women port of the world

The Department of Industrial Design is considered one of the most recent university majors in the Kingdom, it was opened in 2019 in the presence of the University’s President, Dr. Abdullah Al-Rubaish, as the department includes a number of subspecialties in various design fields. Mainly on designing for a specific contour


Particular attention is given to product design and its relationship to the space in which it operates. The surroundings could be related to the interior design and accessories for this space, which includes simple electrical installations). Students are involved in the design process that includes a proportional increase in the number of design variables as well as constraints in order to propose innovative industrial designs.

Al-Watan met Layal Al-Omar, a student of industrial design at Imam Abdul-Haman bin Faisal University, where she expressed Layal’s pride in joining the Industrial Design Department, which is a completely new department specialized in the field of electronic and engineering designs in various fields.

Research and achievement

Every term, Layal and her colleagues search for projects to help workers and engineers accomplish their work easily

Layal designed an air conditioning unit for the Aramco and Sabic engineers who repair the tanks of the closed factories, as they suffer from the high level of heat during the summer period and in this closed tank this problem is magnified in addition to the problem of humidity that my invention solves and creates a moderate atmosphere environment, it is characterized by flexibility to control the distribution of air and strength The propulsion and other features are based on the needs of the engineer and improve his experience while working in factory tanks.

Student Shahd Al-Hams designed a project to “improve the experience of workers at gas stations” because they face difficult conditions during the summer season that may affect them negatively during the provision of services, and due to the tiring working conditions, an air cooler project has been designed to suit gas station workers and that fits all the required safety requirements. For gas stations so that they can continue working and serve customers properly and appropriately

High efficiency cooling device

The designer, Nour Al Abbas, presented the project idea to design air coolers for manufacturing workshops and various industrial establishments that suit the Kingdom’s atmosphere, with the aim of improving the work environment for workers during the summer period by reducing to appropriate temperatures and with high energy efficiency that ensures rationalization of consumption and low maintenance costs.

The product enables the manufacturer to serve various industrial facilities with various works.Al-Zamil Company was chosen in the study as one of the leading companies in the manufacture of air-conditioning devices, as it has an advanced center for research and development and a specialized laboratory in this field, which qualifies it to produce devices that suit the Kingdom’s atmosphere and needs. And in line with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision, specifically the “Localization of Industries” program and the development of local devices and equipment that use energy efficiently.

Cooling squares

As for the student Nouf Al-Muslim, she designed a cooling device for mosque yards, during the times of the prayers in the hot rituals.

The device is designed to help the mosque worker to easily transfer a set of devices to and from outside the mosque and put them in the appropriate place to face the worshipers in the yards, and the device is characterized by that its length can be controlled in order to suit the worshipers and help in the distribution of air to the largest number of worshipers.


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