The importance of psychotherapy for depressed patients

The National Center for the Promotion of Mental Health stressed the importance of psychological treatment, and that it is necessary for patients with depression because it helps to identify life problems that worsen the condition of the patient, find solutions to them as a result, and know the negative and confused thoughts that cause feelings of despair and helplessness, and determine the level of depression when The patient, prescribing appropriate medications accordingly, and discovering ideas that aggravate symptoms of depression.

Tips to ensure success for depression patients:

Lifestyle Make sure to follow a healthy lifestyle, by eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly.

The experiences of others Learn about those who have achieved success despite their depression, and learn from their experiences.

Facing fears, fight your cravings for isolation, and plan for successes without letting depression affect you.

Social Relationships Maintain your social relationship with others, as this will give you many opportunities for development.

Determination and enthusiasm Do not give in to depression, do not lose your enthusiasm, and be sure to start with simple steps that guarantee your success.

Avoiding idealism Achieving success does not mean doing everything perfectly. Striving for perfection promotes anxiety and stress.


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