The implementation of the new tariff for port fees began today

The General Authority for Ports (Mawani) announced the start of the application of the new tariff for fees and charges for the port services sector today, Friday, in line with the plans for privatization and transformation to work in a commercial and investment manner. Mawani aims, by adjusting and applying the new tariff, to increase the attractiveness of investment in the ports sector, thus contributing to stimulating the national economy and serving exporters, importers and service providers, in addition to providing new investment opportunities in support services, providing 9,600 new direct jobs in various sea ports and the logistical sector. The Ports Authority has worked to re-study and amend some port wages in light of the emergence of new services in the maritime shipping sector, as well as the low current and new wages for handling some types of goods compared to the regional and competing markets. The new tariff will contribute to supporting the obligations of the General Authority for Ports and Operators with competitive global indicators that include availability of berths, increase in total crane movements per hour, in addition to the total movements of berth handling per hour, and reduce the time taken from entering the truck until its exit, in addition to the total time spent by each Truck at the station. Within the framework of development, automation and provision of technological systems, the new tariff will contribute to the establishment of new internal and external portals based on optical recognition technology, in addition to updating the supply of the optical fiber network and information technology infrastructure, setting up the station operating system, as well as industrial mobile terminals devices installed on equipment. Container handling.

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