The icons involved are behind the fashions of the inauguration

First lady Jill Biden chose a look that reflects a new era for many Americans with the end of the Trump administration and President Joe Biden taking office on the day of the historic inauguration, while each of the women present was distinguished by costumes symbolizing different connotations.

Jill Bayden

First Lady Jill Biden’s coat was decorated with a navy blue velvet collar and the same Swarovski crystals. She coordinated the look with a silk mask.

The style choice, WWD newspaper speculated, signals Biden’s intention to support young fashion talent and adopt more sustainable fashion practices over the next four years. According to a press release issued by the brand, “It chose the blue color for the pieces to signify responsibility, confidence, and fortitude.”

Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris

Vice President Kamala Harris chose to wear a long coat in a rich purple and a shade underneath, as purple calls for bipartisan unity in the country. Much of Biden’s inaugural speech was trying to bridge the huge gap that exists in the country, so it is appropriate that the Vice President choose a color that embodies the same idea.

And she may have chosen purple for its association with the surfers, who fought for women’s suffrage in the early 20th century. Purple was a favorite color of the movement.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama chose a color that combined red and blue, but her color was more of a deep chestnut than a violet. Her baggy suit, coat, and oversized belt were designed by Sergio Hudson.

Michelle was dressed in a slightly more vibrant tone than she wore when Donald Trump was inaugurated four years ago, and it is likely that she conveys a similar invitation to the union.

White Women’s Rights

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, who performed the song “This Land Is Your Land,” wore an all-white outfit: pants, a white frill top, coat, and hat. The dazzling monochrome look is another nod to the suffragette movement of the early 1900s.

Before the adoption of purple, women working for voting rights were all white. Part of the idea was that in theory, women of all backgrounds and classes could join the movement in a visual way, simply by wearing all-white clothing.

Olive branch

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga performed the national anthem in a red floral dress, a voluminous silk skirt, and a black chest with a large gold dove brooch. The symbols of peace and unity were public: the golden dove on her dress had an olive branch, Gaga noted on Twitter. And she wrote: “We hope to make peace with each other.”

The size of the dress also provided another service, perhaps inadvertently: it made it difficult for anyone to approach her.

With so many people nearby, and the majority of them unmasked, enforcing social distancing wasn’t a bad thing.


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