The Hubble telescope stops working

The US space agency (NASA) announced that the “Hubble” telescope, which has been in service in space for more than 30 years, stopped working for several days, stressing that it continues to “seek to solve the problem.” The agency reassured that “the telescope itself and the scientific instruments are in good condition.”

But the computer controlling these devices “stopped working on Sunday, June 13” at the end of the afternoon US time. The test failed to restart it the next day.

It is likely that the problem is due to a damaged memory unit, according to the initial indications. An attempt to operate an emergency backup unit also failed.

This computer system was designed in the 1980s and is housed in a unit that was replaced in 2009 during maintenance on the telescope.

Hubble has revolutionized astronomy and knowledge of the universe since it was placed in orbit on April 24, 1990, as it has made thousands of space discoveries, and since then has collected images of the solar system, the Milky Way and very distant galaxies.

The new James Webb space telescope is scheduled to be put into orbit at the end of 2021, described as the “big brother” of the Hubble telescope, and will allow observing the distant universe with unparalleled accuracy.


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