The Good Wife, emancipation instructions for use on Canal +

CRITICAL – In this comedy by Martin Provost released in theaters in March 2020, Juliette Binoche plays the director of a household school whose life is turned upside down. To see for the first time on television, this Wednesday June 23 at 9 p.m. on Canal +.

The young ladies of the household institution headed by Paulette Van der Beck, alias Juliette Binoche in a tight suit, in the Alsatian countryside, have two years to learn to become “good wives”. Martin Provost wrote the script for this comedy with the help of Séverine Werba. The 64-year-old filmmaker has put himself in the shoes of the so-called weak sex to make a feature film with feminist overtones. Released in March 2020, broadcast for the first time tonight on television, this comedy with cheerfully kitsch and vintage colors narrates the adventures of future confined housewives. All entirely subject to the will and desire of the bridegroom. This happens before the events of May 1968, several generations of mothers were trained in this direction, to the detriment of their personal aspirations.

Patriarchal society

Young viewers will be amazed when they discover that the latter’s margin of freedom was very limited in a patriarchal society (yes, it did exist). Job,

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