The Godfather IV, still “a possibility” for Paramount

Andy Garcia, who played Vincent Corleone in the third installment, is also waiting for “The blessing” by Francis Ford Coppola to make it.

Here is an offer that cannot be refused … Paramount studios have suggested in the columns of the New York Times that the realization of a fourth part of the saga of Godfather was not unthinkable.

Francis Ford Coppola was speaking in the newspaper about the third part of which he slightly reworked the beginning and the end of the film, plus some retouching in the heart. With the aim of clarifying the plot before its replay this month in streaming and in US theaters.

Regarding a fourth installment, a question he is often asked, the 81-year-old filmmaker sums up the situation as follows: “I do not own The Godfather. There could very well be a part 4, 5, 6.But it will be without him. Francis Ford Coppola does not want to continue writing the destinies of Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) or Vincent, Sonny’s son, played by Andy Garcia. Perhaps because Mario Puzo, the author of the original novel and co-writer of the nine Oscar and $ 1.1 billion in revenue, died in 1999.

A story already sketched

Paramount does not close any door. “Although there is no imminent project for another film, given the very great strength of the legacy of this saga, there always remains the possibility that there will be one, if a good story emerges. .»Notice to filmmakers … The proposals were not long in coming. Andy Garcia told Insider that he would be quite ready to make this fourth part “With the blessingBy Francis Ford Coppola. “Or if he wants Sofia to realize it, let’s go, adds the actor. But people want to see it. “

The story could be inspired by the plans scaffolded after the release of the Godfather 3. Vincent, now boss of the family, would return to more reprehensible affairs. We would also follow the youth, in flashback, of Sonny, his father, the most violent of Corleones played by James Caan in front of Coppola’s camera.


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