The global video game market revenue exceeds $ 300 billion

The video games market generates more than $ 300 billion in revenues at the global level, while the pandemic has stimulated the sector’s growth, according to a study published by the consulting firm Accenture. And the size of the video games sector has become more than that of the cinema and music sectors combined, according to this study, which was conducted on four thousand players from the four largest markets (China, Japan, Britain and the United States).

“The emergence of new video game platforms and the growth in population are making video game companies less product-focused and more experience-oriented,” said the official in charge of the software and platforms industry at Accenture.

He added, “The sector has to find a balance between the needs of new players who are keen on electronic interactions, and the expectations of loyal players who are still the most revenue-earning customers.”

The video game market includes 2.7 billion players in the world, with an increase of 500 million users during the last three years, and this market is expected to continue to grow, with the attraction of 400 million players by the end of 2023.

Among the newcomers, 60% are women and 30% are under the age of 25, while a third classify themselves as non-white, and these players benefit in particular from the capabilities provided by games on mobile devices, while the “veteran” players are, in turn, the majority of them. White men over the age of 25 years.


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