The funeral of Prince Philip in the presence of Queen Elizabeth

Britain observed a minute of silence as Queen Elizabeth II and family members attended the funeral ceremony of Prince Philip on Saturday by transferring his coffin to St George’s Chapel in Windsor Palace.

The four children of the late Prince Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward walked behind the coffin after the royal guards saluted him, accompanied by his grandsons William and Harry. The United Kingdom, which has been observing a national mourning for eight days, observed a minute’s silence at the beginning of the funeral ceremony (1400 GMT). The coffin was lowered in the “Royal Vault” crypt, where it will remain until the Queen joins it after her death.

The couple will then be buried in their final resting place in the Monument of King George VI, the father of Elizabeth II. Then the Duke of Edinburgh is buried in the grounds of Windsor Castle, where the man who was born in Corfu, prince of Greece and Denmark, died after a life during which he had faithfully served the monarchy since his marriage 73 years ago, alongside his wife “Lilibet”.

A few days before reaching 95 years of age, the Queen lost her husband, who died “quietly” eight days ago and was known for his frankness and cheerfulness, who sometimes approached racism or sexism, and he would have turned a hundred years old on the tenth of next June. By this, the Queen lost, as she put it, “her power” and “her support,” which since the coronation of Elizabeth II in 1952, has been steadfastly in support of her. Circumstances help fulfill the Duke of Edinburgh’s wish to avoid his pompous funeral, and his funeral will be smaller than he initially imagined.

Under the health rules due to Covid-19 in England, the brief ceremony was attended by only 30 people, instead of 800. This approach aims to show that there is no exception in the instructions, which was welcomed by Roger Charles Bracken, who was among the attendees who gathered in front of Buckingham Palace, saying, “ Others who lost a family member had to also submit to these restrictions. ”

Although the public was asked not to gather outside the royal residences due to the epidemic, a number of people came carrying bouquets of flowers in honor of Prince Philip. “After the ceremony, I will leave these flowers near the palace,” said Maggie Calbar, 45, who has lived in Windsor for 18 years and came to “say goodbye to one of her neighbors.” “We are used to his presence … the whole country is very sad.” Saluting Prince Philip’s dedication, Santosh Singh came to place tulips in front of Buckingham Palace, and said in a sad voice, “With time, all of this will turn into another era.”


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