The French Academy awards the Cardinal Lustiger Prize to Fabrice Hadjadj

The French Academy awarded, Thursday, November 12, the Cardinal Lustiger Prize to the philosopher Fabrice Hadjadj ” for all of his work “. Created in 2012 by the Immortals of the Quai de Conti, this prize endowed with € 3,000 is awarded every two years to a work “Responding to the interests of Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger and dealing with the spiritual issues of various cultural, social and historical phenomena”.

Having already presented himself as “Jew, of Arabic first name and of Catholic faith”, Fabrice Hadjadj carries, like Cardinal Lustiger, a philosophy without borders, exploring the Jewish roots of a Christianity in perpetual motion. Willingly provocative, with an incisive pen, Hadjadj develops an eclectic approach to the Christian faith.

Bookstore success

Born in 1971 into an atheist family, he converted to Christianity after entering a church in the Latin Quarter. Baptized at the abbey of Solesmes, this associate of philosophy attacks with impertinence – at least in the titles – subjects such as the body, the salvation, the faith. So Successful death (2005), The depth of the sexes (2008) or again Latest news from the man (and the woman too) (2017) stand out as bestsellers.

This prolix jack-of-all-trades is tried again in the theater with Massacre of the innocent, Jeanne and the post-humans or more recently Confession of Don Juan. He occasionally became a singer-songwriter and embarked on children’s literature with The Catcher (Ed Joie de lire, 2020). Long a teacher of philosophy in the south of France, this father of a large family is now director of the Philanthropos Institute in Friborg (Switzerland), which offers one-year intellectual and spiritual training to young students.

Public debate

Already distinguished by several prizes, including the Catholic Grand Prize for Literature (2006) and the Spiritualities Today Prize (2013), he participates in public debate, regularly signs columns in the press and supports the work of the ecology review. integral Limit. The Cardinal Lustiger Prize encourages this already distinguished fiftieth anniversary “For all of his work”. A prize awarded in previous years to authors such as Jean-Louis Chrétien, Pierre Manent or Nicolas Diat.

It is traditionally in the fall that the French Academy awards 62 prizes in various disciplines. Note that an academy prize was awarded to Frédéric Boyer for the new translation of Georgics by Virgil, under the title Concern for the earth (Gallimard, 2019), and also “For all of his work as a translator”. Frédéric Boyer, columnist at La Croix L’Hebdo, notably translated the Confessions of Saint Augustine (under the title Confessions, POL, 2008) and directed the new translation of the Bible called Writers bible at Bayard (which owns The cross).


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