The Founder’s Library launches a reading marathon for children

The King Abdulaziz Public Library continues its activities and events: “The Fourth Reading Marathon for Children” until July 14, and the marathon presents its activities for two categories of children, the first between 7-10 years old, and the second between 11-15 years old, over a period of time. Four weeks of three days for each age group, as the marathon was launched on the 20th of this month. The media center of the library explained that the events prepared by specialists and specialists in children’s culture and literature, include a series of meetings with (reading heroes) of distinguished children who are accustomed to reading and whose knowledge expanded by reading a variety of literary and artistic books and children’s stories, in order to share their reading experience with New recipients of the reading marathon.

The activities held by children’s libraries in the library’s branches also include reading a variety of new publications from the library that were recently released, including stories: “The Resignation of Mine Fantasy,” “Sit Down,” “Calm Please,” “Grandma Munira Does Not Bake Sweets,” and other stories and books Children read for the first time during reading and discussion sessions for both age groups.

The beneficiaries conclude each week with an artistic application through a live workshop for “Arts from the World” books, which include definitions of international arts from different countries of the world, especially the arts of drawing, decoration, flower arrangements and games for children.


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