The Food and Drug Administration warns of 4 Aid soap products because they contain bacteria

The Food and Drug Authority has warned of four hand soap products because they contain a high percentage of bacteria, which is in violation of the Safety Requirements Regulation for Cosmetics and Personal Care No. (SFDA.CO/GSO 1943: 2016).

The “authority” explained that it analyzed samples of beauty products circulating in the local market to ensure their safety. The results of the analysis showed that 4 soap products contain a high percentage of bacteria, indicating that exposure to high levels of bacteria may cause health risks to the consumer.

The first product is called “Pio Pro RAWAD hand washing liquid”, with an expiration date (09/01/2022), and the second product is called “Sanvix liquid hand soap flower fragrance” On the date of validity (21/03/2021).

The third product is “Marki handwashing liquid apple”, with an expiration date (12/2021), while the fourth product is called “Xtra care anti-bacterial flower hand wash”, with a batch number ( 9887) and the expiration date (02/10/2023).

Bacteria are found in beauty products for several reasons, including not following the principles of good manufacturing, contamination during the packaging phase, or packaging and storing them in inappropriate conditions, and the presence of bacterial contamination in cosmetic products is not permissible, unless the bacteria are harmless and in proportion to no Exceeding the limit.

The “authority” advised consumers not to use those products and to dispose of the samples they have from them, stressing the importance of purchasing products from reliable sources through which the source of the product can be traced.

She emphasized that it is taking the necessary measures, in coordination with the competent authorities, to follow up on withdrawing products from the market, and to take legal measures against violators.

It called on those wishing to obtain more information about the products that I warned against, to visit the “Authority” website


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