The first move by Yasmine Sabry’s husband against her father

Egyptian media revealed the first move by the Egyptian businessman, head of the Youth and Sports Committee in the Senate, Ahmed Abu Hashima, against the father of his wife, artist Yasmine Sabry, after revealing her secrets.

The Egyptian newspaper, Akhbar Al-Youm, said: “Abu Hashima is looking to take all legal measures against Doctor Ashraf Sabry, the father of his wife, the artist Yasmine, on charges of insulting, slandering and insulting, through his statements in the media and on social media.”

The newspaper added: “Abu Hashima preferred not to take any legal measures against Ashraf Sabry in the last period, because he is the father of his wife, but his statements recently exceeded the potential limit, which prompted him to consider taking the necessary legal measures.”

Ashraf Sabry, Yasmine’s father, confirmed that his daughter did not attend her brother’s wedding (Bilal) without giving reasons, saying: “My son’s joy is tomorrow… Our Lord has blessed him with the most beautiful bride… As for his mother and siblings, they refused to bless him, so we gave him a second mother who worked.” Every need, and other sisters who were not deceived by money or planes, lies and deceit, my son has new sisters and a new mother .. God protect him from the devils.”

While the Egyptian artist, Yasmine Sabry, responded, for the first time, to her father, revealing details and secrets about her life, her relationship with her family and her childhood. And Yasmine Sabry said, during an interview with her on the “ABtalks” program on “YouTube”, that her relationship with her father is broken, and that she was raised between her mother and grandmother, referring to her grandmother “Karima”, who died this year with the “Corona” virus, who was the one who raised her since childhood. .

She pointed out that since the separation of her parents, when she was only two years old, she has known only her mother and her maternal grandparents, explaining that her mother’s personality is “strict” and greatly affected her psychological formation.


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