The fires to announce the feast in the southern cities

The people of Asir region used to initiate heavy gunshots at one of the tops of the tall mountains, in the past as a sign and joy for the entry of Ramadan, or set fires in the high plateaus to inform people of the entry of the Eid. Or enter breakfast time.

Joyful announcement

After the beginning of the blessed month of Ramadan or Eid is announced and the news arrives, whether by radio or television, a fire is lit at the top of a mountain and usually the flame of fire rises in this custom to more than 4 meters and types of wood are used in it such as neem, talha, shag and juniper, or the sounds of guns are heard .

Preparedness and equipment

The housewife begins to clean it, and covers the boards with a white cloth with costs. Breakfast is prepared from dough and the like until it is ready for baking in the morning, and after the dawn prayer, people come out the fitrah. After returning from the prayer hall, we visit the head of the family, and the habit of setting fires and firing bullets continues at the present time on the roofs of buildings and homes after the idea of ​​setting them on the mountains extinct.

Old habits

Despite the passage of long years of customs that we have known and familiarized with in Saudi Arabia, some of them have not changed or disappeared with the passage of time and the multiplicity of patterns, depending on the different aspects of life in Saudi cities and villages, especially the increase in social contact and family closeness, and in Ramadan there is a tradition among some families, It is to periodically allocate breakfast every day of Ramadan in the home of a family member, and in Asir they have established some Ramadan customs by preparing popular dishes, decorating homes, and setting fires on top of the mountains in the past.


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