The Films Courts Dinan Festival will designate its winners on Saturday 6 February

Founded by Philippe Gautier, a film student, the event has been held online since February 1. She will designate her prize list this Saturday under the aegis of her guest of honor, Jean-Pierre Jeunet.

The Festival Films Courts de Dinan, canceled in October due to the pandemic, has changed its format to go fully digital. Postponed by a few months, the event, dedicated to short films and young directors, began on February 1 and will end on Saturday February 6, during an online evening dedicated to the film by Marc Caro and Jean-Pierre Jeunet , Delicatessen. “A dedicated platform” was created for the occasion, in order to “Distribute a selection of 25 short films accessible to all and free of charge”.

Three jurors and eight prizes

Saturday evening at 8 p.m., the jury, made up of part of the Delicatessen – director Marc Caro, actor Jean-Claude Dreyfus and producer Claudie Ossard -, will unveil “Initially his record” before “Look back at the thirty years of the film Delicatessen”, details at Figaro Philippe Gautier, film student at the Sorbonne who founded this event. The guest of honor this year will also be Jean-Pierre Jeunet, one of the directors of the feature film. The recording of the ceremony will take place in Paris and will be broadcast on the festival site.

At the end of the competition, divided into two categories, one called “official” and dedicated to seasoned professionals, the other intended for “young talents” and self-production, eight prizes will be awarded: the Grand Prix du Jury, the Grand Prix du Public , the High School Jury, the Best Screenplay Award, the Young Talent Award, the Female Revelation Award, the Male Revelation Award and the Sponsor Award. Among the films in the running, we find This other winter (Margo Brière-Bordier), 2 or 3 things from Marie Jacobson (Anne Azoulay) or even Poppy flower (Baer Xiao).

Young competition

After four years of existence, the event has already attracted a number of prestigious guests, including Jean Becker and Jacques Doillon. “At the first edition, in 2017, I was seventeen», Says Philippe Gautier. This twenty-year-old young Dinan, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in hospitality and passionate about cinema, embarked on directing while he was still in high school. “When I was sixteen, I made a short film that I dreamed of seeing on the big screen, he explains. The most frustrating thing about making a film is not being able to show it to the public. A cinema in Dinan then agreed to broadcast it in an evening dedicated to short films. And this event worked so well that the municipality agreed to make it an annual event. ”

The objective of the event? Allow “To young talents to exist, knowing that the pandemic period prevents them from having visibility”. “We have a role of broadcaster”, notes Gautier, thus justifying the need to maintain the festival. Despite a switch to digital “very difficult”. “Many of our partners and volunteers have left us [à cause de la crise sanitaire, NDLR]. But, at the same time, other partners believed in us and joined us. Our little festival could go digital. But not to do so was to no longer exist. ”


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