The Federation of Saudi Chambers monitors the obstacles in the recruitment sector

The Federation of Saudi Chambers of Commerce, represented by the “National Committee for Recruitment”, identified a number of obstacles facing the recruitment sector in the Kingdom, the most important of which are: setting prices and contracts, which negatively affected the high costs of recruitment, calling for opening the doors of negotiations with the countries sending domestic workers, In cooperation with external labor offices; To set prices, and monitor the work of Saudi and foreign offices.

The union clarified that the requirement of the Nitaqat program for a nationalization rate of 75% on recruitment offices and their classification within the security guard companies sector in which there are large numbers of workers, is a difficult matter and obstructs the work of these offices, and then disrupts the recruitment process, in addition to what the sector is suffering in the recent period as a result of a pandemic. Corona Virus.

He indicated that stopping the renewal of licenses for a number of offices due to their owners’ contribution to recruitment companies needs to be reconsidered, calling for offices and companies to be given a period of six months to a year to correct their conditions and fulfill the companies’ obligations towards their clients.

The Federation pointed out that the Musaned program is a good window, especially for internal recruitment offices, but its application to the countries from which it is recruited is tainted by problems that must be considered and resolved quickly, with setting controls in the program for external agents, similar to the controls imposed on internal recruitment offices in the Kingdom.

The Federation called for the urgent formation of a working group that includes officials of the National Recruitment Committee, with the relevant authorities; To discuss those challenges and work to find effective solutions to them. To facilitate the recruitment process, which positively affects the organization of the sector and the speed of the recruitment process, opening new doors for the recruitment of domestic workers, and limiting the rise in prices.

It is noteworthy that the Federation of Saudi Chambers of Commerce recently re-formed the National Recruitment Committee, in a move aimed at promoting the sector and overcoming all challenges facing investors and beneficiaries.


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