The fact of working on a second part of the squid game

The Korean series “Squid Game” achieved great success, after it was shown on the “Netflix” platform a few days ago.

The series caused controversy because of its story about a group of people participating in a deadly series of games, to win a prize money of 38.5 million US dollars.

And the website of Variety magazine, which specializes in art, quoted the director of the work as confirming that he had a decisive plan to present a new season.

Hwang Dong Hyuk added that if he decides to present a second part, he will need more help, a book workshop, and a list of experienced directors, “even though he is not good at teamwork,” according to his statements.

He stressed his happiness from the success achieved by “The Squid Game”, pointing out that he made a great effort in writing and directing the work.

The Korean series topped the interests of followers around the world, and the “Trend” list on “Netflix” in a number of Arab countries, and is considered the first Korean drama to get first place in the list of views in the United States of America on the same platform, according to Variety.

The first part of “The Squid Game” was shown on September 17, and its events took place in the framework of 9 episodes, starring Lee Jong Jae, Park Hye Soo and Wai Hye-joon, without announcing other parts of the series.


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