The Eye of INA: Yves Rénier, The Globe-trotters before Commissioner Moulin

Before becoming, in 1976, a great cop of the PAF, the actor, who has just died at 78, had filmed a lot. In the cinema in a few secondary roles. But especially for the small screen, where had built his career. In partnership with Madelen, Le Figaro pays him homage.

His beginnings go back to 1960, when he was a pupil of Yves Furet, then “ star cop »From the airwaves, voice of Inspector Vitos on Radio Luxembourg. Anthologies will recall that it all began in cinema with an appearance in the count of Monte Cristo by Claude Autant-Lara.

Then Yves Rénier was noticed and hired by Arnaud Desjardins, who directed the television adaptation of a comedy, Happy Days. He plays a young seducer, Bernard, and takes up a role created on stage by François Périer.

Three years later, he became a star, thanks to Belphegor. In this mini-series which, for four Saturdays, empties the cinemas, he is André Bellegarde, a young student determined to unravel the mystery of the Phantom of the Louvre. He cannot then go out into the streets without being approached by fans who beg him, in vain, to give them the solution of the riddle.

After Monte-Cristo, The Globe-Trotters

It all started with a meeting, in a garage, with Claude Barma, director of this mythical soap opera carried by the vaporous Juliette Gréco. Both are there for a routine check of their respective cars. In the hall where they wait for their vehicles to be picked up, the director approaches the actor to congratulate him. The day before, he saw it in an episode of Last five minutes, Forty-five turns and then go. He admits to having found it excellent. Passionate about cars, they began to discuss the qualities, faults and performance of French and foreign cars.

At the turn of the conversation, Barma whispered in his ear that he had decided to sell his convertible. She makes her interlocutor dream, obviously ready to buy it. Alas, he doesn’t have enough money to afford it. By challenge, the young actor launches: “Hire me in your next movie, and the money I get will pay for the car!“To his surprise, the director appreciates this audacity and accepts the market. He hadn’t told her, but had just thought of him for the role of André Bellegarde.
Later, when they talk about this shoot, they will laugh as they remember a scene shot in front of the Quai des Orfèvres. She stops abruptly when Jean-Pierre Zola, who plays the boss of the PJ, discovers with horror that, on the other side of the street, the pound is removing his car …

Yves Rénier in an episode of Commissioner Moulin in 1978 with the actress Véronique Jannot. PVDE / Bridgeman pictures

This format of four times 90 minutes is also that of an adaptation of Lost Illusions, produced in 1966 by Marcel Bluwal. Critics are unanimous in saluting the emotion that Yves Rénier exudes in his interpretation of Lucien de Rubempré. The interested party will learn it after returning from a five-month trip around the world. In a few days, he went from Balzac to Jacqueline Cartier and Claude Boissol, author and director of Globe-trotters. With a young American actor Edward Meeks, he forms a duo of journalists, who have taken the gamble of traveling the world with their meager savings. It was after seeing the 39 episodes of this soap opera that Roger Auque decided to become a reporter. In 1986, he was held hostage by a terrorist organization in Lebanon for a year. A reality that has surpassed the fiction that gave rise to its vocation.

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