The Eye of INA: Mylène Demongeot, TV between two films

The career of the actress, who died on December 1, was marked by around twenty appearances on television. The last of them dates back two years. A few scenes in “Two lives”, an episode of “Capitaine Marleau” directed by Josée Dayan

In nearly seven decades, Mylène Demongeot has multiplied roles in cinema and theater. His career has also been marked by around twenty appearances on television. The last of them goes back two years: some scenes in two livesan episode of Captain Marleaudirected by Josée Dayan

Back in 1977, where she appeared in five episodes of Research in the interest of families, a series directed by Philippe Arnal. She plays the role of Alice Briant, a young woman determined to find an uncle who has disappeared. Through this story where she gives the reply to Michel Roux and Dominique Paturel, she demonstrates how much her charm was matched only by her fantasy. Madelen invites you to discover or rediscover these half-detective, half-joyful images.

Mylène Demongeot also owes the meeting with the man of her life on television. In 1968, she agreed to be the “guest starfrom one of the episodes of a soap opera entitled The records of agency O, headlined by Marlène Jobert. One afternoon, she meets the director, Marc Simenon, one of Georges Simenon’s sons. Love at first sight ! She marries him a few months later, religiously, in Porquerolles, where they have bought a property. She will live for 33 years with the one who, before this meeting, assured that to be happy, you had to be alone.
Their complicity also becomes professional. Having become the producer of her husband’s films, Mylène chooses to put, little by little, on hold, a career that has made her famous in France, but also in Italy…

Her desire to become an actress goes back to her very young years. The discovery of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, at age 5, marks the birth of his love for cinema. Spending her days in dark rooms rather than in classrooms, she decided, as a teenager, to seize the slightest chance to live her passion. She begins by taking acting lessons. The day after her 18th birthday, she was approached in the street by a fashion photographer who, in all honor, offered to pose for him. This is how she begins by multiplying the appearances on advertising posters.

In 1955, she was noticed by Raymond Rouleau who confided in her in the film The Salem Witches, which would become his first major role. Starring Deborah Kerr, David Niven and Jean Seberg in the big-screen adaptation of Hello Sadness allows him, three years later, to confirm his budding talent.

In the early 1960s, thanks to two peplums, The Battle of Marathon and The Abduction of the Sabines, she becomes a star in Italy. Back in France, the character of Milady de Winter in The three Musketeersbut especially that of Hélène Gurn in Ghosts really make it popular. She does not know that André Hunebelle’s films will go through time and still affect today’s generation. She also knows her thanks to Campingwhere, three times, she played the wife of Claude Brasseur.
In her early days, her blondness earned her comparison to Brigitte Bardot. Their careers were ultimately very different, but they displayed a common fight: the love and defense of animals. Mylène Demongeot thus lived surrounded by dogs, cats but not only. She raised a baby crocodile, a boa, a fox, an owl, and even a lion cub in her Paris apartment. It wasn’t easy, but it ultimately made her much happier than hanging out with some of the movie pooches.


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