The European Parliament finally approves: one charger for all mobile devices

Today, Tuesday, the European Parliament gave its final approval to a decision requiring manufacturers of smartphones and other mobile devices to provide their products with a standardized type of charger.

After this vote by European MPs in Strasbourg, USB-C chargers will become the only portable electronic device charger sold in the EU from autumn 2024, despite strong opposition from Apple.

Members of Parliament approved the text by a majority of six hundred and two votes, against 13 votes in opposition, and eight abstentions.

“This is a great day for consumers and for our environment,” said MEP Alex Agios Saliba, a Maltese Labor MP, who is the rapporteur of the text.

Saliba had appeared hours ago carrying a set of different similar charging devices, and said, “This matter has become a thing of the past.”

This new requirement will be imposed on mobile phones, tablets, e-readers, helmets, digital cameras, wireless headphones, portable video game consoles, GPS devices, keyboards and computer mice, as well as portable home assistants, regardless of their manufacturer.

The decision will also include laptops, from 2026.

Through this vote, the European Parliament ratified an agreement reached in early June with member countries, after a decade of attempts to impose standardized chargers, in an effort that angers Apple, the main opposition to such pioneering legislation in the world.

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