The escape of female addicts .. Stories of the unknown victim

While escaping in addiction societies is a very common phenomenon, if not essential, especially girls’ addiction and escape, consultant psychiatrist and addiction treatment Dr. Fadela Ali Al-Awami explained that the runaway girls who dealt with them range in age from unmarried adolescence to forty, and there are cases of married women. And divorced mothers, pointing out that most of the escapees are unmarried girls in their twenties, or divorced without studies or work.

Strange stories

Al-Awami says to Al-Watan: One of the strangest escaping stories that I encountered, which indicates the indulgence of some families and the lack of assertiveness in raising children, is a young girl who escaped from her husband after ten days of marriage, and went with young men and lived with them for a month on a break, after which she returned to her husband And when she came back, he asked her, “Do you still want to live with me or will you leave me and ask for a divorce ?!”, and another for a mother who complains to me about her teenage daughter, who runs away from the house with clothes that the mother bought at a high price and returns cheap clothes !, As for the most painful stories, those that the girl told me about About her escape due to the blackmail of her promoter, with video clips, in exchange for only obtaining a narcotic substance, many painful stories, a fact in which she does not know who the victim is, are they girls addicted or parents and family?

• More than one article

Regarding the most addictive drug substance for girls, Al-Awami indicated that there is no specific substance that women prefer, especially since the majority of them obtain drugs through male friends, free of charge in exchange for sex and companionship, indicating that the majority of the girls whom I met are addicted to more than one substance at one time. Among the most used materials are: alum, which is very common among girls, hashish, Captagon, syrup, and larica.

• Associated factors

Al-Awami added: Girls ’flight is linked to several factors and causes, the most important of which are: the genetic factor, which plays a major role in girls’ escape, as girls fleeing often suffer from personality disorders, psychological problems, addictions, and decisions made by girls, all of which mainly include the genetic factor. The social factor, such as family disturbances and problems, family disintegration and parental divorce, lack of understanding and inclusion for children by parents and family, in addition to bad companions and bad companions, lack of parental control and lack of knowledge of their children’s companions, excessive indulgence and lack of firmness in raising children, and social networking sites, which facilitate It includes acquaintance with promoters and bad companions and addicts, as well as the luxurious life offered by celebrities, which some see getting it does not require work or study, but it can be accessed in suspicious ways easier.

Among the associated factors also is the material factor that causes escape in order to obtain drugs for free, by staying with comrades to abuse in the same residence, or escaping for the sake of promotion or prostitution, to obtain the drug in return.

• Accepting and supporting families

Al-Awami reported that family acceptance and support differs from one family to another. Some families are supportive of their daughters, although they go deeper into the field of delinquency and addiction, and some families are not supportive at all, despite the success in influencing the girl and bringing her back to the right path, and making her realize the mistake she committed against herself. And her community, except that the parents, because of the outrage that they experience as a result of previous misconduct and loss of confidence, refuse even to communicate with the patient and ask about her, and to check on her health.

And she said: Yes, the presence of an addict or addict in the home is a time bomb, but some parents believe that hospitals are a magic box, in which their children are addicted and leave after a month of it is normal, so addiction treatment needs very great cooperation between the family, the treating doctor and the entire treatment team, so we are in A state of war between two parties, the party of the treatment team, the party of promoters and bad companions, so that parents stand with us in the treatment of their children supports their recovery and enhances our strength, and the lack of assistance and participation in the treatment makes the addict return to abuse, because the doors of abuse never close in their faces.


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