The difference between my prescription and medication postage

While the health assembly in Al-Ahsa revealed about 4 new advantages of the “My Recipe” electronic service, he explained the difference between it and the “drug mail” service, as the first enables the beneficiary to dispense medication from the nearest community pharmacy contracted with the Ministry of Health, while the second is through which a delivery The drug, when the prescription is repeated, is delivered to the beneficiary’s home without the need to visit the facility.

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The assembly confirmed that health centers in which there is no more than a private contracted pharmacy, with a maximum of 10 km, do not activate the service, and the medicine is dispensed from the center itself, stressing that there is no difficulty in changing the phone number when requesting the beneficiary, as It can be updated or changed by the service providers either the doctor or the file department.

He added that if certain items are not available in the private pharmacy, the pharmacist can dispense the incomplete prescription (partially) if the beneficiary desires, and this becomes clear in the program, so that the beneficiary can complete the rest of the prescription in another pharmacy, or file a report on the unified number, to clarify the existence of There is a shortage of a specific item, to be provided to him, pointing out that there is a central pharmacy for each domain, to dispense some specialized items that are not available in the “My Recipe” service.

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The total number of beneficiaries of the “drug mail” at the Prince Sultan Center for Cardiac Diseases and Surgery in Al-Ahsa reached 5,849 beneficiaries, from the beginning of January until the end of August 2021, after this service began in the center since October 2020, where the number of beneficiaries has so far exceeded 42,000. .

Keeping all previous prescriptions in the patient’s file from any facility in the Kingdom.

The program can check all drug conflicts between medications dispensed in the same period and doses.

The program allows chronic disease medications to be dispensed for 90 days in one go, in addition to re-disbursement for an additional 3 months.

A program concerned with the proper use of antibiotics is currently being activated, and it will be monitored through “My Recipe”.


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