The death of the killer Specter musician

The life of the American music producer Phil Specter, which is controversial at the very least, has returned to the spotlight, after his departure at the age of 81, after he was infected with the Corona virus, due to the suspicious stations he passed through, which ended in prison after his conviction for murder.

An artist and a criminal

In 2003, the other side of Specter appeared in front of the whole world, after the killing of actress Lana Clarkson at the age of 40, with a bullet fired in the mouth while she was in the palace of the music producer.

In 2009, Specter was found guilty of premeditated murder, but maintained his innocence, and claimed that Clarkson “committed suicide.” After news of his death spread, his ex-wife Ronnie Specter, who produced music for her, said it was a “sad day for music… and a sad day for me.” ».

For his part, the presenter of radio and television programs, DJ Paul Gambachini, said that people should “remember his art and his crime”, pointing out that both sides represent Specter, as he was not only an artist, or only a criminal.

Turning pop

Phil Specter made a shift in pop music, and worked with major stars during the 1960s and 1970s, headed by the British band “The Beatles”, “The Riteious Brothers”, Ike and Tina Turner.

Perhaps the most important achievement for which he is best known is the application of the “sound wall” technique, which involves placing several layers of instruments, including strings, woodwinds and brass, to give a fertile orchestral sound.

Specter life

Harvey Philip Specter was born in New York in 1939 to Russian Jewish parents. His father was killed when he was a boy, and his mother moved her family to Los Angeles.

He started his career as a musician as a teenager, forming the band “The Teddy Bears” with 3 friends in high school. And they produced a hit song in 1958, which took its title from the phrase on his father’s gravestone: “His knowledge is to love him.”


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