The death of the Egyptian writer and screenwriter Faisal Nada

The Egyptian writer and scriptwriter, Faisal Nada, died on Tuesday at the age of 81, after a long struggle with illness.

The Egyptian Minister of Culture, Enas Abdel Dayem, called Nada, noting that he left an artistic legacy in which he expressed the Egyptian society and addressed its issues in a distinctive way, considering that his creations formed an important part of the history of cinema, theater and television in Egypt and the Arab world.

It was also decided to observe a minute of silence on Tuesday in all Egyptian theaters, before the start of theatrical performances.

The Film Writers and Critics Association also mourned Nada in a statement, saying that art in the Arab world had lost the pioneer of film, theatrical and television writing, pointing out that he was one of the golden generation of artistic writing in Egypt, and one of the most important founders of the Cairo and Alexandria Film Festivals.

Nada is one of the most famous authors in Egypt, as he left a large imprint in the cinema and television drama sectors, as well as many plays in his artistic career, including five plays with the late star, Samir Ghanem, most notably “The Married” and “Welcome Doctor”.

The late author also contributed to advancing film production since 1968, after the Egyptian film industry was nationalized.

Nada was born in Abdeen neighborhood in Cairo in 1940. He is a graduate of the Ibrahimia School in Garden City, after which he joined the Faculty of Commerce – Accounting Department at Cairo University, and graduated in 1963 and was a member of the university’s acting team, in addition to being a member of the faculty’s acting team.

After graduating, he joined the Ministry of Finance, but it did not satisfy his ambition and dreams, which he started in college by writing a play that he co-acted with his colleagues, while his first television series was “Fugitive from the Days”, through which he was able to establish the foundations and rules for writing the television series, and from During which many art stars became famous, such as the late actor, Abdullah Ghaith.


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