The Crown Prince initiative protects children’s rights on the Internet

The President of the Human Rights Commission, Dr. Awad Al-Awad, stressed the importance of the initiative of the Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Prince Muhammad bin Salman to protect children in the cyber world, as it represents the protection of children and immunizes them from the dangers of this space in light of the development of electronic applications and programs.

He explained during a seminar held by the Commission, yesterday, remotely entitled “Protecting the Rights of the Child in the Virtual World” – which sheds light on ways to protect children in accordance with the Kingdom’s regulations and its international obligations and the search for new mechanisms to confront and methods for reporting violations in this context, that the Kingdom has approved many regulations. To protect the child, which are: the child protection system, the system for combating information crimes, the law for combating the crime of harassment, the protection from abuse system, the system for combating human trafficking crimes and other regulations and decisions issued during the past years to complement each other, and in their entirety form a framework that protects children and provides a stable life And safe.

The symposium, with the participation of a number of government agencies, civil society institutions, parties concerned with childhood and those interested in the first session, addressed the role of civil society institutions in protecting the rights of the child in the virtual world, its governance, the proposed policy to support the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, and local and international experiences in the governance of the virtual world, and discussed Security risks to the child in this aspect, while the second session discussed “security risks to children in the virtual world, cyberbullying, and the role of the anti-information crime system in protecting children.”

During the symposium, the participants focused on what has been achieved at the national level in the framework of the implementation of children’s rights in the virtual world, while presenting the various measures approved to protect it.

Systems that protect children in the Kingdom

Child Protection System

A system for combating information crimes

A system to combat the crime of harassment

The Abuse Protection System

– Law to combat trafficking in persons crimes


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