The crafting of metals and silver attracts youth

The art of metal and silver crafting has become one of the most popular talents among young people, as many of them have established their own projects in this field by opening workshops, or giving accredited courses through their experience and many of them obtain certificates in the fields of jewelry design and metalworking.

Metal formulation

This field is based on mastering manual processes such as hammering and drawing, sawing, chilling, drilling and welding, in addition to the process of assembling pieces, welding and varnishing, preparing alloys and examining the standard for metals and silver, and knowledge of the theoretical foundations related to drafting technology, in terms of materials and metals used in all stages of manufacturing. Ayat Dahi, who holds a Master of Arts in Jewelry from the Savannah College of Art and Design, says she started her passion for crafting in 2012, when she opened her own metal and jewelery workshop after her return from the United States.

The birth of the idea

The idea started when Ayat in America was studying the field of metal design, and at that time she set up many exhibitions, to display her various handicrafts from forming metals and ceramics, and today her own workshop opens in the heart of the historic Al-Balad district in Jeddah, to display her works and the participation of those interested in this art, which is based on Creativity and renewal, as she works during the weekdays in her workshop equipped with various tools for metalworking, ceramics and many different tools and artistic designs.

Formulation courses

Ali Al-Muhammadi, a certified trainer in the art of metal and jewelery making, indicated that there is a great demand for learning, especially from the category of girls who aspire to open their own projects in this world full of art, creativity and diversification, adding that knowing the necessary basics is the first task of branching and choosing each trainee His own line in design and crafting, there are apprentices who prefer making jewelry, and others rosaries.


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