The courage to disobey

The devil does not exist ***

by Mohammad Rasoulof

Iranian movie, 2:30

An exemplary family man whom his profession brings together every day the inexpressible, a young conscript whom we want to force to kill a condemned to death, a lover faced with the weight of his fault, and a former doctor whose freedom s t is paid the price of an immense sacrifice. All the protagonists of Iranian Mohammad Rasoulof’s film had to make choices in the face of the constraints imposed by the regime and assume the consequences. In four tableaux, through characters confronted with the death penalty, the filmmaker sharply poses the question of individual responsibility: to what extent do we become the accomplice of a system? If the form of the story, exploded, results from the need to bypass censorship, the director has been able to weave an invisible link between them leading us from the stifling atmosphere of the streets of Tehran to the splendours of nature where those who have taken refuge have taken refuge. chooses to disobey. A powerful and committed work.


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