The Contractors Authority: offering 100 projects worth 600 billion riyals next March

The Saudi Contractors Authority announced the launch of 100 projects worth 600 billion riyals in the hypothetical future projects forum for the year 2021 during the period from March 22 to March 24, and the forum is one of the initiatives of the Saudi Contractors Authority, and more than 37 governmental and private entities participate in it this year. It is an opportunity for contractors to discover opportunities and future projects under one umbrella, which enables them to prepare their future plans, and is also a platform for project owners to review their projects and promote the principle of transparency and competitiveness, and she explained that the forum aims to improve the plans and decisions of contractors by knowing the time period for future projects and their estimated costs. It is also an opportunity for contractors to meet project owners and learn about the requirements, the method of registration, and the required qualifications.

She indicated that several entities have benefited from the forum in its past two versions, the most important of which are contractors, banks and insurance companies, government agencies, private entities, suppliers, and research and studies centers. The authority indicated that the Future Projects Forum 2021 comes after the success of the first and second versions in 2019 and 2020, pointing to the diversity of projects. To be offered include oil and gas, petrochemicals, energy and electricity, infrastructure, housing, mining, and operation and maintenance.

It is noteworthy that the Saudi Contractors Authority was established to organize and develop the contracting sector in a way that contributes to advancing development, and the authority seeks to achieve its goals through the permanent development of all aspects related to the work environment to reach the highest levels of productivity and quality.

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