The Communications Commission requests the public’s views on the secondary markets for the frequency spectrum

The Communications and Information Technology Commission called on the public to provide their views on the Spectrum Trading and Secondary Market.

The document aims to adopt innovative methods for managing the frequency spectrum in the Kingdom, enhancing its better use, maximizing its economic value, in addition to enabling the latest radio services and technologies.

The document reviews the initial regulatory directions on the secondary markets for frequency spectrum in the Kingdom, in addition to the relevant procedures and requirements.

The secondary markets for frequency spectrum are among the global practices adopted in the management of frequency spectrum that are adopted in developed countries around the world, as the publication of this document comes in implementation of the “Commercial and Innovative Use of Frequency Spectrum 2021-2023” plan launched by the authority in March of this year.

The authority called on all interested parties locally and internationally to provide their views on the document, including communications and information technology service providers, technology providers and investors in various wireless technologies, in addition to industrial bodies and all parties using the frequency spectrum, and the visuals will be received until August 12, 2021.

The document can be viewed by visiting the link

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