The commercial register or the self-employment document are two conditions for stores to operate in a regular manner

The Ministry of Commerce stressed the need for all those registered on the “Maarouf” platform to obtain the commercial register or freelance document for “practitioners” to ensure the continuity of documenting their stores on the platform.

This comes within the framework of enhancing integration between government agencies regulating e-commerce activity to preserve the rights of consumers, merchants and practitioners, and to eliminate fake stores.

The Ministry announced that registration on the Marouf platform will be available for stores that have commercial records, after updating the policies and procedures for the registration process. As for the stores that “do not have commercial records” practitioners are based on, their work will be regular after extracting the self-employment document through the self-employment platform of the Ministry Human Resources and Social Development, via the link:

The Ministry of Commerce clarified that the stores that obtained the commercial registration or the self-employment document will be able, during registration on the Maarouf platform, to obtain a rapid response code (QR Code) that enhances reliability to be added to the interface of the online store to enable the consumer to view the register data and the data of the online store in an easy and accessible manner.

This development step aims to enhance the reliability of e-commerce and develop its activities, motivate stores to expand and spread, eliminate fake stores, and preserve the rights of the merchant and consumer.


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