The cameras shoot the new adventures of Clavier and Lauby in What did we do to the good Lord?

All the Verneuil families meet, under the leadership of director Philippe de Chauveron, in Indre-et-Loire for the third episode of the family saga.

The first clap has been given. After many postponements due to the health crisis, the shooting of the third What did we do to the good Lord? just started near Chinon. Under the leadership of director Philippe de Chauveron, who has already directed the first two matrimonial adventures of the Verneuil family, the entire troupe of the two previous films is back in service. And it is the actor Medi Sadoun, who plays Rachid Benassem, one of the sons-in-law of Christian Clavier and Chantal Lauby, who announced on Instagram, with undisguised joy and verlan, the beginnings of the staging of this new comedy: “ It’s re-ti-par! What have we all done to the good Lord 3.

Little has filtered through the scenario of the third installment. We only know that the emerald wedding – 40 years of marriage – of the Verneuil couple, organized as it should be by their daughters and their sons-in-law, will serve as a guiding thread for this new feature film. This surprise party should be the occasion of a huge family reunion. The Verneuil family will thus be able to bring together at home, all their cousins, brothers, uncles and relatives by marriage, from all continents.

The family adventures of Verneuil greatly entertained the French public who rushed into the theaters – more than twelve million spectators – when the first part was released in 2014. Although the sequel was less appealing to fans of this comedy, titled What have we done to the Good Lord ?, aith just over four million people in theaters, the producers decided to try their luck again.

Will the vein run out then? Chantal Lauby, alias Marie Verneuil, who has gone through the scenario as a humor expert, does not believe it: “I read it and laughed a lot. I had a good time.

What did we do to the good Lord? by Philippe de Chauveron in 2014


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