The building code raises companies in the “contractor platform” by 27%

The number of contracting companies joining the membership of the Saudi Contractors Authority has increased by 26.8% since the implementation of the building code early last year. The number of contracting companies registered on the “contractor” platform reached 5,200, compared to 4,100 companies before the start of the application of the code. As a small facility, 5800 “medium”, and 1200 “large”, the code aims to set the minimum requirements and requirements that achieve the minimum level for safety and health, through the durability, stability and stability of buildings and facilities, facilitating access to them, providing a healthy environment, adequate lighting and ventilation, energy rationalization and implementation Thermal insulation works and protect lives and property from earthquake hazards, and other risks associated with buildings. The code will apply to all construction work in the public and private sectors on new buildings, including design, implementation, operation, maintenance and modification, as well as existing buildings in the event of restoration, change of use, expansion or modification.

The Saudi Contractors Authority has also launched the Contractors Evaluation Initiative, which is one of its enabling initiatives linked to the aim of enhancing transparency in the contracting sector. The initiative enables the building of a database containing the contractor’s evaluation with accurate and reliable standards in cooperation with the concerned authorities in order to create opportunities for contractors to highlight their excellence in the implementation of projects in their specializations, which will allow a fair competition for the sector and contribute with it to raising its quality.

Contractors’ data and evaluation will be displayed through an electronic platform to enable government agencies, project owners, individuals and those interested in the contracting sector to access contractors and see their evaluation of previous projects, which will enhance decision-making and select contractors based on their performance.

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