The beautician paints similar women

Cosmetology is a real obsession for many women, which makes some of them require a similar cosmetic procedure for others, even if it is not suitable for drawing their faces, and the consultant of dermatology, laser and plastic medicine, Dr. Khaled Al-Shahrani, confirmed that the rate of requesting similar cosmetic standards for celebrities is common among girls.

Celebrity tradition

Al-Shahrani explained that the rate of requesting similar beauty standards for celebrities decreases with the qualitative awareness that is provided through social media accounts, as he indicates that face painting varies from person to person, and it is impossible to apply people’s features to some.

Cosmetic standards

A consultant in dermatology, laser and cosmetic injection, Dr. Hassan Abu Hathrah, added that beauty standards may be similar in our time and in our society to a large extent, including uniform skin color, attention to body texture and the fight against obesity in both sexes, and also for the skin to be fresh without signs of wrinkles or aging. And the fight against baldness and concern for the appearance of hair, indicating that interest in beauty is an important part of the personality of a man or woman, and it reflects a lot of health and attention always with a decent appearance.

Beauty obsession

Abu Hathrah revealed that the demand for cosmetics is the result of awareness of injections, cosmetic operations and the culture that is taking place largely through social media, as well as people’s love for women or men to renew and walk with fashion.

the most wanted

Al-Shahrani pointed out that the clinics treat diseases and add many cosmetic procedures, including surgical and non-surgical, so Botox and filler injections come on the throne of cosmetic procedures, and after that, tension threads and lasers.

Adult turnout

Abu Hathrah and Al-Shahrani agreed that young people from 15 years and over are the ones who initiate these procedures, but there are elderly or retired people who have begun to pay attention to their skin and beauty.


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