The beaches of Jizan are a place for the talented

The northern, southern, and Shaqiq beaches of Jazan compete to refine and highlight the talents of their visitors, and are a major outlet for families and visitors, as the pleasure of hiking has gone beyond the practice of many different activities and activities, and drawing joy on their faces, amid recording large numbers of the number of trekkers daily.

daily destination

The beaches are a daily destination for various groups of society, and they include recreational areas, pedestrian walkways, and green spaces. The northern Corniche in Jazan is the largest waterfront, with an estimated area of ​​about one million square meters, in addition to the cultural street, which extends to 450 meters, and all activities are practiced, Amidst great preparations and equipment.

different practices

On a field tour, “Al-Watan” monitored the practice of many different activities, which are: swimming, sand painting, walking, cycling, playing recreational games, and allocating a photography corner to highlight photography enthusiasts, hone their talents, camping, and prepare foods. , running race and others, which highlighted the talents of the participants, and enhance mental abilities, amid the follow-up of the parents.

12 events

Yesterday, creative youth activities were launched at Al Shuqaiq Beach, with the participation and support of 15 government agencies. The most prominent activities include the game score your goal, chess, children’s studio, walking for the elderly, soapy court, electronic games, intelligence games, beach volleyball, basketball, sand beach and football for children, and it lasts for 3 days, and is supervised by the youth bodies in the Ministry Sports.


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