The autobiography of Will Smith: self-mockery and hypertrophy of the ego

Entitled in all sobriety Will, this autobiography evokes the career of the actor, known for his interpretation of the Prince of Bel-Air.

Will, Will Smith’s autobiography, contains as many numbers as there are letters. The American actor confesses his obsession with the series Dallas and Monopoly, a game he studied with the pros. His career plan undoubtedly owes something to this passion.

“I started to realize how much other actors hated traveling, taking care of the press and the promo, explains the star bluntly. It seemed completely absurd to me. JL (James Lassiter, his manager, Editor’s note) and I looked at the numbers. For example, we realized that a film that made only $ 10 million in Spain could easily bring in between 15 and 25 as long as the star went to the country, made a premiere, a press day, and some meetings with the fans. (…) If we multiply this figure by, say, thirty territories, traveling in these countries can increase a film with 250 million dollars in revenue to more than 1/2 billion. “

Like Tom Cruise,

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