The authorization that changes everything

It may be that the authorities, after a whole year of living at the pace of “Derogatory certificates”, be looking for a new formula to qualify these forms in case we need to re-define and, therefore, re-authorize us to do this or that. Perhaps they could be inspired, to find the appropriate answer to the complexity of the moment, of this find spotted by a reader at the service station of Ramonville-Saint-Agne, near Toulouse, one of these stations. -service where you can pay directly at the pump by credit card. After entering the code of her card, she was indeed issued by the gas pump a ticket on which she could read this: “Pre-authorization authorized. “ Authorize a pre-authorization in order to allow the customer to be authorized to benefit from the authorization to take gasoline and even, you never know, to refuel, isn’t that something like the quintessential what is called civilization? Admit that if the authorities, forced to re-confine us, delivered us, instead of these “Derogatory certificates” dryly administrative whose charms we have exhausted, “Pre-authorizations authorized”, combining an admirable subtlety with an exquisite delicacy, we would feel much better and would sign such poetic forms without hesitation. Getting pre-cleared to be cleared, frankly, that would be class.


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