The Audiovisual Media Authority launches a unified TV broadcasting platform

The Public Authority for Audiovisual Media issued a circular to all licensed TV channels and media institutions, according to which they must broadcast through the Center for the Unified TV Broadcasting Platform (the media platform).

The authority said in a press release: It is based on the tasks entrusted to it according to its regulation, the audiovisual media system, and the instructions issued in this regard, represented by the authority taking the necessary measures to establish a platform to send satellite channels owned by Saudis from within the Kingdom’s territory, and the authority’s keenness to regulate the satellite broadcast market All TV channels licensed by the authority must broadcast through the center of the unified television broadcasting platform (the media platform) within a maximum period of 60 days.

The Public Authority for Audiovisual Media seeks – through the Center for the Unified TV Broadcasting Platform – to provide a media infrastructure, according to the highest international technical specifications. To advance television broadcasting and production in the Kingdom, by qualifying specialized cadres of Saudi youth, and providing all the requirements and needs of television channels and media production institutions in the Kingdom and the Middle East. For more information, you can contact the comprehensive service center in the platform by e-mailing


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