The application of “improving the contractual relationship” in career mobility .. Mid-March

Yesterday, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development launched the initiative to improve the contractual relationship, one of the initiatives of the National Transformation Program, which aims to build an attractive labor market .. The ministry stated in a statement that the initiative provides 3 main services, namely the employment mobility service, and the development of exit, return and final exit mechanisms, including The initiative services all expatriate workers in private sector establishments within specific controls that take into account the rights of the parties to the contractual relationship. The Ministry of Human Resources indicated that the initiative will enter into force in March 2021.

It also comes as part of its endeavor to improve and raise the efficiency of the work environment, and to complement its previous efforts in this field, through the launch of several programs, the most important of which is the program to protect workers’ wages in the private sector and the electronic contract documentation program. And the competitiveness of the labor market, and raising its attractiveness in line with international best practices. Saudi Arabia versus the expatriate worker, which will be reflected in an increase in employment opportunities for citizens … and the initiative enhances the competitiveness of the labor market with global labor markets and raises its classification in indicators of international competitiveness, as it improves labor policies in accordance with internationally agreed practices of labor relations. Labor that sometimes arises due to the disagreement of the parties to the contractual relationship, and contributes to empowering and developing human capital, and attracting competencies in the labor market. It is expected that positive economic impacts will occur locally, including the flexibility and development of the labor market, raising the productivity of the private sector, attracting highly skilled talent, and contributing to achieving the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 program through the National Transformation Program.

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