The App Store faces an antitrust investigation

In the United Kingdom, regulators have launched a new antitrust investigation against the Apple App Store, according to an announcement by the UK Competition and Market Authority.

The United Kingdom is investigating the conditions that developers must agree to when creating software for the Apple App Store, along with the commission paid to the company for in-app purchases.

Andrea Coscelli, CEO of the British Competition and Market Authority, said in a statement posted online Thursday morning: Millions of us use apps every day to check the weather, play a game, or order takeaway. So, complaints are that Apple is using its site. In the marketplace, to set conditions that are unfair or that may restrict competition and choice – which may cause customers to lose when purchasing and using applications – require scrutiny.

Coselli added: Our continuous examination of digital markets has revealed some worrying trends, and we know that companies, and consumers as well, may suffer real harm if the anti-competitive practices of large technology companies are not controlled, and this is why we continue to create the unit of digital markets. And launch new investigations, wherever we have reasons to do so.


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