The answers of the fans of the artist Sirin Abdel Nour

The questionnaire for admiration for the artist Sirene Abdel Nour resulted in a large number of fans, who answered the questions, most of them were correct. The newspaper thanks its readers for this great interaction, and the following are the correct answers:

Her name?

Cyrine Abdel Nour (right)

Sirin Mohamed

When was her birth?

February 21, 1977 (true)

February 22, 1977

How old is she?

44 years old (true)

55 years old

Where were you born

Beirut (right)


What is her sign?

Whale (right)


How many children?

Two (right)


Who is her husband?

Farid Rahma (right)

Joseph Attieh

Her daughter’s first name?

Next (correct)


The age of her son?

4 years (true)

6 years

Her mother’s nationality?

Greek (true)


Did you go to school?

Saint Coriah (right)


The name of her last child?

Cristiano (right)


true and false:

1- At the age of 23, she won the title and crown of the most beautiful model in the world. (true)

2- In 2018, she appeared in the series Hadouta Love. (true)

3- She appeared in a minor role as Eve in the series “Lanterns of Lovers.” (Error)

4- In 2009, she released her third album, entitled Layali Al Eshq. (Error)

5- She appeared as a guest who was honored with the role of Yemeni in the movie Dukhan Without Fire. (true)

choose the right answer:

1- She joined an institute to study

Accounting (true)



2- I got married in a year


2007 (true)


3- She was hoping to be

Lawyer (right)



4- I got the first series championship

My daughter (right)

My sister


5- She exhibited fashion for a number of well-known designers

Zuhair Murad (right)

Basil Soda

Elie Saab

6- MBC station chose Sirin to launch a program

Diva (right)

Celebrity life

Who will win millions

7- I recently participated in a program that was shown on MBC

Who are you (right)


Your morning

8- The artistic community is witnessing a competition between it and the artist

Nadine Najim (right)

Maggie Ghosn

Haifa Wehbe

Complete the blanks

1- A night beside you, let me ___ my dear, with you tonight

Sweetheart (right)

my soul

2- I speak or not, ___ and I do not do what .. I don’t take a balloon why ___ and think of him

My heart (right)

my eyes

3- Oh, my job for years from an eye view .. I adore you

Donia (right)

my life

4- Who told you that your love does not go in the soul … you will keep ___ the first love

In my heart (right)

In my eyes


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