The anonymous letter

A teasing reader offers me an idea for my post: “Reading today’s mail (either last Monday), I think you will have something to make us smile. Indeed, a letter denounces anonymity on social networks and its consequences. And the author wished to remain anonymous! ”

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You can imagine that I immediately checked. I actually came across a letter starting with these words: “I think it will be necessary to achieve the suppression of anonymity”. And who goes on to argue very rightly about the dangers of anonymity on the Internet, which “Promotes manipulation “. Signed letter: ” A reader “. In other words, an anonymous letter. This reader probably has excellent reasons for wanting to remain anonymous. But admit, as my correspondent notes, it’s pretty funny. Suddenly, does this anonymous letter call into question the credibility of The cross, who publishes it? That would be nerd, as the media credibility survey published yesterday in The cross notes precisely an increasing credibility for the written press.

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Let’s go, The cross is a serious newspaper, which quotes its sources, verifies its information, assumes its responsibilities. In this regard, I cannot help quoting this phrase from the film dialogue writer Henri Jeanson, when Françoise Giroud, at the end of the 1950s, baptized ” new wave “ young French cinema (Truffaut, Godard, etc.): “A new wave? I would have preferred precise information… ”


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