Tesla puts a driver on trial

A California court has charged a man who caused a traffic accident due to the automatic steering system in a Tesla car.

And the media indicated that this case is the first case directed by US courts against a citizen for using the automatic steering system in an electric car.

According to the attorney general responsible for the case, the aforementioned man had a serious traffic accident on December 29, 2019, while driving a Tesla Model S electric car in a Los Angeles suburb, and the automatic guidance system was controlling the car, and while driving, the car came off the highway toward A side road, ignoring the red light of a traffic light, crashed into a Honda Civic, killing two people.

And Tesla has developed a self-guidance system in its electric cars to be able to control the steering wheel, control the brake systems automatically, and steer the car independently as it moves from main highways to secondary roads, and this system is subject to continuous monitoring by the authorities responsible for transportation in the United States, and the general Past The National Traffic Safety Administration has launched investigations related to fatal traffic accidents related to the mentioned driving system.


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