Tens of thousands of people march against the health pass

Two days before the establishment of the health pass, validated Thursday, August 5 by the Constitutional Council, the mobilization of opponents does not seem to weaken. For the 4th consecutive weekend, motley processions were formed on Saturday August 7 in dozens of cities, from Paris to the Ile d’Oléron where a few dozen people gathered in the port of Cotinière, passing through Foix, La Rochelle, Auxerre, Avignon, Cambrai, etc.

Heterogeneous profiles

According to the first figures of the police, 47,000 people demonstrated in the South-East, in Toulon, Nice, La Ciotat, Aix-en-Provence and Marseille. In Marseille, firefighters took the lead in the parade from the Old Port with signs announcing “ cessation of activity due to non-compliance with forced vaccination.

→ REPORT In Lorient, many caregivers and questions at the event

According to the estimates of the prefectures, the demonstrators were 3,800 in Metz, 3,300 in Bordeaux, 5,300 in Nantes and 2,500 in Lyon where for fear of overflows, they had not been allowed to march in the city center. Everywhere, the same signs, ” no to health dictatorship “,” the pass of shame ”And the same heterogeneity, between caregivers in gowns, firefighters,“ antivax ”, pro-vaccines opposed to the pass, yellow vests, etc.

Four processions in Paris

In Paris, no less than four processions were organized, one of which started from the military school led by Florian Philippot, a former number of the National Front, which has since become the Rassemblement National. A total of 10,000 people were expected in the capital and, after the violence that marked the demonstrations of last week, 3,000 police officers were mobilized for this new day.

On July 31, the Interior Ministry had identified at least 204,000 demonstrators across France. A figure that could again be reached this Saturday.


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