Tell me, when will you come back ?

Sometimes, on television, we come across programs which are the very first to be broadcast and which leave us flabbergasted, as if they came from another era, from another planet. No one wears a mask, we kiss, we hug, we eat at the restaurant, we drink shots at the bistro, we go to the cinema, the theater, the concert, we meet in happy evenings … But we are where, there? Above all: when are we? And then we remember, seeing these images, that before, long ago, it was like that, life. This happiness, this carelessness, this freedom. We understand that these shows were shot at the time of this before, of this time. Barely a year ago. And it’s such a shock to see these images today. We say to ourselves that it is criminal to show them to us. That it is pure sadism. We have in mind Barbara’s song: ” Tell me, when will you come back ? Say, at least do you know? ” Well no, the time before does not know. No one knows when he will return. No one knows when life will be like in these images that pierce our hearts. On the other hand, let’s face it: if we started broadcasting fictions, series under Covid, with lots of masked people, lots of closed restaurants and bistros, no more cinemas or theaters, people who walk all alone and who do not kiss, do not touch, we would be even more depressed. Hence my question: why the hell did we have the idea of ​​inventing TV?


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